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They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
14-10-2015, 08:21 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
After kicking the door several times in anger at my inability to break it down I stare at it for several minutes, brooding over my failure and willing it to fall apart. Unfortunately, having no telekinetic abilities whatsoever, the power of my mind has no effect on the offending obstruction.

I'm eventually drawn out of my meditation by the sound of the Burger King's voice droning on about locks. This does however cause me to turn around and see that the humans are searching the bodies once again. I realise from the juxtaposition of a lecture on locks and the new search that they're looking for something with which to open the door. Since I don't have fully opposable thumbs I would be unable to pull out a key or lockpick should I find one, and my long claws would prevent my fingers from reaching right into pockets and feeling the presence of such an object. So I opt for going from body to body, slashing open pockets and then ripping apart the rest of their clothing in the hope that the desired item might fall out.
26-01-2016, 02:44 AM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
[Image: 6ca.jpg]

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