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They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
13-07-2015, 01:08 AM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
After stuffing the seemingly useless bits of cloth into a pocket, I have still not given up on my goal of having some cordage.

As such, I begin to mutilate the nearest body with my POORLY MADE SHIV, HANDS, and TEETH as needed in the effort of harvesting TENDONS from the body. I will then use the BARBELL WITH ONE WEIGHT to pound the TENDONS into SINEW CORD.
13-07-2015, 08:38 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
I attempt to climb up to the window. Hopefully I'll figure something else out once I'm up there.
16-07-2015, 04:28 AM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
I ask everyone to come over to the window so that we can try to figure this out. I ask slayer specifically to mime what's going on to ohio, gotta keep everyone in the loop. I use my hefty smarts and nothing else to try to find a weak spot in the window, or a way to get through it or past it. I clean up my face in the process, as im sure i still have vom everywhere
16-07-2015, 10:40 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
I respond to Slayer's ridiculous miming with gestures and hisses of my own, trying to get across to him and the Burger King that I understand perfectly well what they're saying; I just don't have the vocal capacity to speak their language. I'm in two minds about trying to prevent the attempt to escape through the window, since I know I can't get out that way and don't want to be the only one left behind. But I figure it would be beneficial if someone could at least find out what's out there. I could easily break the glass, and could probably rip the wire with my claws or teeth, but the window is too high even for me to reach. Instead, I start dragging tables and chairs to the wall in which the window is situated and stacking them for someone to climb, aware that my own weight would simply break them. I try to mime looking out of the window then point at myself, hoping the Burger King will realise I want him to look and tell me what he can see. And just in case people try to make a run for it and leave me behind on my own, I grab Konstantin between my arms as a hostage.

[Image: 04321571052056156049.jpg]
29-08-2015, 08:06 AM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
With a frightened peep, I ask for someone, anyone, to help me from the grip of what appears to be a highly distressed dinosaur, and then ask her if maybe this isn't the best solution? Perhaps there's no need to grab some poor lil guy in a uniform that clearly isn't theirs with those INCREDIBLY sharp claws? With a gentle, reassuring (hopefully reassuring) pat on her frightening dinosaur hands, I ask if she will let me go (since I have no chance of escaping simply by running away; I'm only a human being, after all!) so I can look through the now incredibly eviscerated body that Draal is sorting through. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes would help.

[Image: 17321902285830625341.png]
29-08-2015, 08:09 AM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
Wait, sorry, I meant GENERAL ARSE BISCUITS. The good general deserves respect of rank.

[Image: 17321902285830625341.png]
29-08-2015, 08:21 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
Excuse you, it is GÉNERAL ARSE BISCUITÉS with accents on the e's
05-09-2015, 08:50 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
Ohio attempts to convey that she understands the others, but is AS YET UNSUCCESSFUL. Instead, she attempts to convey that she could BREAK THE GLASS and SEVER THE WIRE. This, too, fails.

Understanding that her efforts to communicate are FRUITLESS, she resolves to lead by example and begin MOVING TABLES. Despite her natural bulk, she is not strong enough to move MORE THAN ONE TABLE. The others watch in silence as the SEEMINGLY FERAL UTAHRAPTOR rearranges furniture.

Ohio moves to a WARM PATCH OF LIGHT in the room and uses the heat to WARM HER SCALES and restore her ENERGY.

At this time, Slayer X attempts to CLIMB THE WALL. He stands upon the table Ohio has moved, completely missing the point of her actions, and BEGINS TO CLIMB. The wall is PLASTERED and SEALED by a company the prison UNDERPAID. This has resulted in an UNEVEN SURFACE with a DISCERNABLE BRICK PATTERN beneath the coating. Slayer X digs his FINGERS into the plaster which, despite being sealed, is old. IT CRACKS. This allows him to GAIN A HOLD with his hands, but not his feet. He does, however manage to CLIMB USING ONLY HIS HANDS until the HAND-CRACKS become available to serve as FOOTHOLDS. Kicking off his shoes, he uses the FINGERHOLES as TOEHOLES and almost reaches the window before the SHITTY PLASTERING JOB renders his entire attempt futile.

The underlying plaster GIVES WAY, tearing one of Slayer X's FINGERNAILS free from ITS NAILBED as he falls down, onto the table, landing HARD on his BACK. The pain in his RIGHT INDEX FINGER is monumental as blood streams down his hand from the TORN FINGERTIP. It should be THANKFUL it did not get THE HOSE again.

Her already high VIGOUR restored by the SUMMER HEAT, Ohio is able to move another table, pushing it directly against the first. Attempting to lift the table onto the other with her HILARIOUSLY FRAIL ARMS fails miserably, and even using her head to raise one surface onto another results only in a SMALL AMOUNT OF LIFT from ONE CORNER of the table. There is a QUIET CRACKING NOISE from the center of the table the dinosaur is attempting to lift, but nobody notices it.

What the others DO notice, however, is OHIO'S INTENTION. The Burger King quickly asks the others to help the dinosaur STACK THE TABLES.

After a lot of teamwork, mammalian sweating, and bleeding from Slayer X's finger, there is a WOODEN TOWER with benches attached that could SERVE AS A LADDER to reach the window.

The Burger King decides to wipe THE VOMIT from his FACE, but there is no CLEAN MATERIAL nearby save the backside of his PRISON ONESIE. He undresses and WIPES HIS FACE ON HIS ASS. His FACE now clean and his ASS-FLAP dirty, he surveys the tower and the window. Tempered by Slayer X's failing, The Burger King resolves to do his best to JUDGE THE WINDOW from BELOW. As expected, he declares that without TOOLS of SOME DESCRIPTION they will be unable to BREAK THE GLASS and SEVER THE WIRES. The Burger King concludes that, due to her ASSISTANCE with the TOWER, Ohio is okay with BEING LEFT BEHIND.

OHIO IS NOT OKAY with being left behind. Ohio grabs Konstantin in a TIGHT GRIP and drags him AWAY from the PILLAR.

Konstantin calls for HELP and The Burger King turns to see THE COMMOTION. Konstantin then APPEALS to Ohio's SYMPATHY, asking if there is a BETTER WAY to SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM than with VIOLENCE and that perhaps they should be allowed to ASSIST GÉNERAL ARSE BISCUITÉS in whatever that moron is doing. The plea is SUCCESSFUL, of course, but Ohio remains RESERVED. Ohio can clearly see that GÉNERAL ARSE BISCUITÉS is a LITERAL IDIOT. They both look over to see him attempting to CONSTRUCT a ROPE with TENDONS and a BARBELL. GÉNERAL ARSE BISCUITÉS succeeds only in PULVERISING THE FLESH into UNUSABLE MUSH.

Ohio, of course, is not a MONSTER - she RELINQUISHES her tight grip in favour of a MARGINALLY LESS TIGHT GRIP, remaining FIRM but COMFORTABLY SECURE - as far as she can tell.

Konstantin may believe there is a BETTER CHANCE OF ESCAPE, now, with the LOOSENED GRIP. As far as ESCAPES go, however, escaping into a LOCKED ROOM with an OFFENDED DINOSAUR may not be their best option. Appealing to Ohio's OSTENSIBLE SENSE OF ETHICS may well be a better plan, in the long run, should Konstantin actually want to live past the next THIRTY SECONDS between ESCAPE and being VORACIOUSLY EVISCERATED.

So, Konstantin in hand, Ohio holds resolute while GÉNERAL ARSE BISCUITÉS plays with his CORPSES. Slayer X is in a LARGE AMOUNT of EXCRUCIATING PAIN but is otherwise ALRIGHT I GUESS. The Burger King looks like an UTTER FUCKWIT with EMESIS ON HIS ASS.

At a SORT OF STALEMATE but NOT QUITE, you are all FAILING MISERABLY at escaping this room:

    • Stats:
      SMARTS: 2
      VIGOUR: 15
      BULK: 15
    • Rolls:
      SMARTS: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 8 (8)
      VIGOUR: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 7 (7)
      BULK: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 8 (8)

  • Slayer X (Zalak123):
    • Stats:
      SMARTS: 6
      VIGOUR: 13
      BULK: 13
    • Rolls:
      SMARTS: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 2 (2)
      VIGOUR: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 2 (2)
      BULK: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 11 (11)

  • Ohio (dinowoman):
    • Stats:
      SMARTS: 10
      VIGOUR: 4
      BULK: 18
    • Rolls:
      SMARTS: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 20 (20)
      VIGOUR: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 11 (11)
      BULK: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 13 (13)

  • Konstantin (twlboaj):
    • Stats:
      SMARTS: 12
      VIGOUR: 14
      BULK: 6
    • Rolls:
      SMARTS: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 6 (6)
      VIGOUR: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 12 (12)
      BULK: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 2 (2)

  • The Burger King (dabigman777):
    • Stats:
      SMARTS: 29
      VIGOUR: 2
      BULK: 1
    • Rolls:
      SMARTS: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 4 (4)
      VIGOUR: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 14 (14)
      BULK: 1d20 rolled for a total of: 3 (3)

05-09-2015, 09:13 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
After finally realizing that the corpses tendons have been rendered unharvestable, I conclude that the fact that the cadavers are not fresh kills must be the reason for my failure. I observe that Ohio, having captured what could easily become a fresh corpse, is in obvious agreement. I then motion for the Utahraptor to get on with it it and execute the captive so I can try this again.
05-09-2015, 10:41 PM,
RE: They're mostly all going to die. Mostly
I concur with the notion of killing them, as their bits of limbs could be used to make tools, and also they have clean cloths I could wear, so I naturally call dibs on that, blood is better than vom.

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