the bone zone

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I have created a map of all known locations in Necrozoia, the country in which Boneva and Skeletopolis are located.

[Image: 32665089075699319658.gif]

The Boneamans refuse to share their information with us, after ties with them were severed during the fall of Skeleopolis many years ago. All we know of them is the trade route, found on documents recovered from Port Skeletopolis. We believe there is a large landmass to the southwest that remains unexplored, however there is no telling how much of it the Boneamans have colonised themselves.

Update: After a long wait, and a lot of scouting through the ruins of Skeletopolis, I have finally been able to compile all known information about the world we live in.

My Djinni and lab assistant have worked together to secure old world maps from Skeletopolis, and the first sailing expedition is over. I am now able to share with you all an updated world map. The countries and continents are all present, though the Skeletopolis maps did not feature foreign settlements - just tectonic activity, and country names.

I have added these to the map, as well as the feedback from the sailors who visited the ostensibly uninhabited Carpus Archipelago, and the city of Palatine in East Necrozoia.

More to follow.
Awesome! This looks great. Smile
Sorry pal, I don't make the rules :/
[Image: 28432318860309857114.jpg]
i have updated the map with a new version
it has more topographical information
more to come soon
Map updated.