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Full Version: Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra
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best animated serieses ever

Who are your favourite characters? Why?

Any favourite episodes?
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kc is flawless and i agree but i also like roku
from korra i liked amon as a villain. too bad the season was rushed.
This show always reminded me of Jackie Chan: Adventures
that show was also good
I'm rewatching Avatar with my boyfriend, who's watching it all for the first time. He just found out how fucked up Ba Sing Se is, in season 2. (It's like a mix of 1984's Oceania and China circa 2004. Hella creepy.) He loves the show so far and I feel like I've conducted a successful conversion.

Also fave character is probably Toph, now that I think of it. I probably wouldn't have picked her until rewatching, actually. But seeing her parents, her dad in particular, really hit home. Toph's dad is patronizing, stubborn, and doesn't respect his child. He doesn't seem to like her very much, and only seems to want control. And seeing her make decisions that are bold and based primarily in what she wants, after being deprived of identity and agency for so long, is nothing less than inspiring.

( This turned into word vomit, oh noooooooo ;A; )
korra is my girlfriend and she has inspired me to lift and get hella ripped

just kidding im a lazy ass

i never really got into the first series because i thought aang was boring but maybe i will try again someday
omg aang isnt boring you are a terrible person terrible person
Aang didn't make the best first impression on me but then I'm not usually terribly fond of children and child characters. I dunno what it is. I liked Clementine in The Walking Dead though.

He grew on me though. He's a sweet and smart kid who's super powerful and the action sequences involving his bending powers are amazing. But he's also naive and has this sense of obligation that doesn't always do him credit.


He's also 12.

He gets nicely fleshed out, as do all the other characters in Avatar. I especially like how well-rounded the Fire Nation characters become.
(^^That's the boyfriend. We just finished the beach episode in season 3.)
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