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so i know we have our skype things on our profiles, which presumably means "add me, it's cool" but i understand that many people are still hesitant

so i decided to make this thread to suggest people who are open to being contacted for whatever reasons are comfortable discussing the reasons for which they are happy to be contacted.

personally, you guys can contact me in ANY WAY for ANY REASON.
if you just have a temporary issue, feel comfortable on skype and want to delete me afterward then do that: add me on skype and delete me right after. whatever makes you most comfortable is what i need you to do! contact me for absolutely any reason. i am ALWAYS looking for new friends and i will probably add a lot of you anyway for various reasons

please don't be intimidated by the fact that i'm your root admin, either, i'm just a silly skelly girl and i want you all to get to know me and feel comfortable interacting. this also goes for everyone else who registers after this is posted! i wanna get to know every single member, even if this forum gets into the thousands.

so, my contact information! you can email me on any of the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (which also accepts donations, should you be inclined)

you can add me on skype at:

you can find me on twitter at:

you can find me on tumblr at:

and finally, you can get me on my facebook if you want to send me a PM and i'll send you my URL. you can all add me if you want but because it exposes me to other people, i am a lil more restrictive here.

your best bet for unfettered communication is skype, as i am basically always online as most of my friends can testify. if you want to get to know me quickly and still have contact, add my tumblr.. but also my skype ;D

at any rate, you are all, without reservation, given permission to add me and i encourage you all to post here in a similar capacity. if you don't, please have fun here and i hope you enjoy yourselves.


p.s. my snapchat is also kaolincash but also message me so i know who you are

anyone can contact me at any time, i will usually be online somehow

skype: i.k.e.b.
tumblr: ribbonista
deviantArt: Morbidular
twitter: @heinously
facebook: /ghastlyBones
Xbox Live: ghastlyBones
snapchat: shota-prince(i think)
Friendcode: 1220-6991-7015
cellphone #: 403-988-4428

before you guys berate me about posting my cellphone number online be aware i know what i am doing but yeah. y'all can bother me any time and as long as ur not a fucking weirdo i'll probably respond
and, i mean, really do add me. just do it. i'm awesome and worth talking to and i want new friends. why the fuck else would i start a forum?
because you really like bones and stuff probably? that's a pretty good reason
skype: veritas_unae
tumblr: veritasunae
twitter: @VeritasUnae
youtube: Veritas Unae

i also have a facebook fan page you can like, which is also Veritas Unae

i can't think of much else but if you find a veritas unae on a site, chances are it's me.
Tumblr: sketchyTk
Twitter: Sketchytk
Bonezone: sketchyTK
Feel free to add me anywhere any time (I'll try not to be ............. bONE IDLE)

skype: letmetellyouabouthamsteak
myanimelist (bear in mind is down at the moment but when it's back up just go ahead n join)
minecraft: Anti_Injustice
evolve: PianoChem (evolve is like hamachi sorta)
whereas i intend to be your... bONE IDOL 8D
skype: markus.thv
tumblr: nintenofficial
wikipedia: mclennonson

feel free to contact me in whatever way
look at these desperate losers all reaching out to each other and making meaningful connections lol



skype/tumblr/facebook/xbl/psn/gmail/etc: mykaeljay
twitter: @minibladez (some douche uses @mykaeljay to hit on random women :~)
deviantart: im-myke-guys (I never even checked who was using it here but yeah it was taken)

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